Project Management – International Research and Education

Project education has proved to be a form which brings education towards the real needs of the community and aims to solve urgent problems of the society.

Focussing on the current societal needs and responding effectively is the main purpose of the project management in StartinForum.

Project management entails application of knowledge and skills enhanced with the effective usage of tools and methods aimed to reach project aims which in their turn are conditioned by the calls of time and society.

That is why project education together with the research turned into such an educational form which is more flexible and adjustable to solve the current problems of employability, intercultural dialogue, language and technological literacy.

It provides tremendous opportunities for gaining knowledge together with the experience and personal insights on the problem and its solution.

International collaboration in the research and educational projects is an unique chance for sharing experiences, communication, socialisation and broadening horizons of minds on the way to mutual understanding and acceptance.

Our mission in the project management and developing educational programs is defined by a purpose to unite multicultural community round the needs of the society in order to look in a direction of enhancing collaboration, cultural exchange and societal awareness.